SALES ENGINEER a.k.a. Career Buddy

The ideal candidates that would excel in our purposeful configured "Intrapreneurship" environment must be predisposed to the following convictions:

  1. Robust after-work commitment for Product and Market Intimacy to be spontaneous to opportunities.
  2. Customers' career advancement are our over-riding concern in every transaction.
  3. Customers are our potential friends for life.
  4. 24/7 borderless service response.

Automation, maintenance or sales experience in one or more of the following industries would be an asset. Enthusiastic fresh graduates are welcome

  1. PETE, PP, HDPE and other grades of mass produced plastic bottles for both edible and inedible fluids.
  2. Plastic packaging for mass produced snacks foods.
  3. Carpet air-looming.
  4. Carpet thermo-forming for automotive interiors.
  5. Metal Stamping for automotive bodies, architectural facade, white goods and recreational vehicles.
  6. Work-holding and transfers for automotive casting, welding and assembly.
  7. Paper and Pulp Mills.
  8. Industrial Laundry and Denim Stone-Washing.
  9. Public transportation such as Bus, MRT and LRT.
  10. Trucking for airfreight, seafreight and courier.
  11. Aftermarket enhancement of vehicular suspension for ride comfort and safety.
  12. Semiconductor front-end and back-end processes.
  13. Material handling such as conveyor system.
  14. Remote operated vehicles for sub-sea application.
  15. Vibration isolation, impact cushioning, linear deceleration, noise reduction, energy saving in any industrial environment.
  16. Exotic materials and processes for cost reduction and market barriers.
  17. Other modern, high tech or high volume industries where downtime is measurable and wasteful.

Successful candidates will be subjected to a grueling initiation period of up to three months through on-the-job and off-hours orientation to indoctrinate the basic essentials for professional excellence in this ultra-competitive globalized economy.

Candidates who are self-driven, passionate, empathetical and adventurous will discover a great wealth of opportunities through these industries networking that could translate into sustainable market goodwill of trans-generational friendship and financial independence that would transcends all barriers and borders.

Please send your resume to humanresource@acm.com.sg

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