Enertrols, Inc., was founded in 1973 to design and manufacture high - performance industrial hydraulic shock absorber with the ability to withstand the high cycle rates of modern automated manufacturing lines. These high-quality shock absorbers, meeting Mil Spec MIL-150-D,  were sturdy enough to operate over a  long period of time under all kinds of adverse conditions with little, or no, maintenance. 

By installing Enertrols (meaning Energy and Controls) industrial hydraulic shock absorbers, you can reduce damaging impact forces significantly enough to permit higher speeds and production rates, thereby increasing your profits. Of all existing deceleration methods, Enertrols shock absorbers are quite simply the best and most cost-effective means to stop a moving object. As a result, Enertrols has grown from a small local manufacturer to a  leading international supplier of deceleration devices to all major industries. Specify Enertrols in your next installation!

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