Helical Products Company, Inc. is established in 1958 in Santa Maria, CA. Creator of the revolutionary Heli-Cal Flexure for applications in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft,  Helical's dream concept has been widely versatile in usage. The company has received the prestigious G-Mark Award from Japan's MITI for Heli-Cal Flexure's superior functionality, legitimate originality and great regard for safety. 

These machined flexures can be configured to serve as a flexible shaft coupling, universal joint, spring clutch, precision machined spring or a unique specialized component with multiple functions, all in a single-piece construction. Helical's highly experienced engineers and designers have regularly integrated the Heli-Cal Flexure into customers existing multiple parts design  that would reduce the number of parts in the assembly, yet serve customers' purpose. 

Heli-Cal Flexure's predictable performance has enabled NASA to use it as a critical component in its Mars' Expedition which could make or break the mission. In cloud 9 with Helical.

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